The First Day of Real Work

starts my self-employment. I’m forcing  myself to take a week to relax
before I dive head long into the work of the site and writing. I know
that by the end of the week I’ll be working hence the forced relaxation
period. This weekend C and I watched some crap TV shows and cooked. It
was great.

started some random art journaling last night by culling through my pile
of personal ephemera. I picked stuff out and glued it to the page. No
rhyme or reason, but where it called to be glued. Where it looked good
to me. A simple concept but one where I had to let myself be random and
not plan out the page.

that I wanted to clean off one of my watercolor palettes so I wet the
colors and used a big brush to slather colors onto my pages. Again I
wasn’t calculated or planned about where and what colors I used. I
simply looked at what colors I had and what looked good on a page, then
slathered the colors onto the page. I mixed colors on the page, worked
wet-into-wet, and layered the color on top of the ephemera. Some of the
ephemera resisted the watercolor, some absorbed it like a sponge.

I’ll write on these pages and then add more color and collage over my words. It’s all process.