15 of 30 in June

started by mixing a large puddle of Payne’s Gray watercolor. I used a
very fine liner brush to write. This gave me a large variety of
linewidth and was hard to control. I had to repeatedly dip the brush to
reload it for more writing. After this was dry I used a brush to flick
watercolor on the page in small droplets. I used a small spray bottle to
spray a fine mist over the page to spread the flicked paint. It also
blurred the writing more.

this dried I grabbed a print off of my heart drawing and my Chartpak AD
marker. I wanted to see how it would transfer over the dried
watercolored page. It gave an uneven transfer, much lighter than it
would usually transfer. Of course the background was much darker, might
try it with a layer of lighter watercolor and see how that works.
wanted to add a face to my page but I didn’t want to add a print out of
my face. I grabbed a spare sheet of paper and did a quick automatic
drawing with a Faber Castell PItt brush pen in black. I then cut that
from the sheet and adhered it with glue stick.
the face was adhered I wanted to make the heart more visible and the
face stand out. I grabbed my Prismacolor Art Stix and started to
scribble around the face and the heart with red and yellow. bingo! Both
stood out even more and they looked more unified as if they were part of
the while, the heart a shadow maybe?

pretty happy with how this turned out, really dig the automatic
drawing. I need to remember to integrate it into my art journal more

The finished image is 5×7 inches and is available matted and ready for framing on etsy here.