25 in June Shame Spiral

first it starts out that I forget to post the thing to Etsy. Then I
just decided to stop doing that altogether because well, just because.
Then I forget to post my page for the day, and I get that up first thing
the next day, then I do a half assed page the following day because I’m
stressed that I forgot the previous day. Then my washing machine dies.
Then the car’s muffler decides to go on walkabout. And I’m stuck driving
my loud car to the laundromat to wash my underwear and because I chose
to go on Saturday afternoon at an out of the way place so as to avoid
the cops on Main st, it’s me and the woman with some sort of rash and
some of the worst nail fungus I’ve ever seen doing laundry while C
returns the redbox, picks up something for dinner, and then returns to
pick up me and the wet clothing, since our drier and clothes line still
work. By the time I get home I’m tired and stressed and I forget to do a
page let alone post it.

So screw it.

the 30 day challenge become a spiral of shame that I can’t stick to a
30 day Challenge, after all, it’s ONLY 30 days, wtf can’t I stick to it?
What’s wrong with me? Then i’m all, if so and so can do it, why can’t
I? (Imagine that last part in a plaintive wail.)

thing is, I’m being creative, I’m drawing, I’m sketching and I’m
doodling, just not in  my prescribed 5×7 book. So here’s a picture of
what I drew while I was waiting for the wash to finish.
And an idea for a bag for my bike.