been working on some bookbinding. It’s a perfect task for a cold rainy
day. I put together a few journals, not all are listed on etsy yet.

have a thick coverstock paper that is perfect for sketching, light
watercolor washes, collage, pen and ink work, as well as pencil. You can
throw a ton of material at this paper and it just keeps on going. There
are a generous 240 pages to these journals. They are FAT and can expand
even more to take in all of your collage work.

are bound with tough hemp, which can take a beating. I’ve omitted the
use of beeswax, which makes these journals 100% vegan! The covers are
made of old vinyl advertising signs stitched to cardstock advertising
signs. These signs are tough and ready to take anything you throw at
them. Don’t like the colors offered? This vinyl takes acrylic paint like
a dream, so go ahead, decorate them.

journals have all the same attributes as the above, but instead of
heavy coverstock they are filled with 18# vintage IBM green and white
dot matrix printer paper. One side of each sheet has green and white
lines and the reverse is white. These journals fare best with rollerball
and gel pens but can still handle items being glue sticked to the page.
Again, they are filled with 240 pages of this lovely vintage paper.