11 of 30 in June

page was started by using a Chartpak Ad Marker Colorless Blender
to transfer a printout
of oine of my brain drawings to a page in a 6×8 inch Stillman & Birn
Epsilon sketchbook.


the brain image I flooded the page with a cad red medium watercolor.
While that was drying I colored a self portrait print with blue

wanted to use only the eyes of the colored self portrait, so I tore
them from the portrait. I used a UHU gluestick
to adhere the piece to the
used  a compass to create a circle around the brain and the eyes. I
then created radiating lines coming from the center of the brain. I then
used a watersoluble crayon to color in every other ray. I wet these and
moved the color around with a brush.
that was all dry I realized the eyes seemed to sit on top of the image
and didn’t really seem like part of the whole page. I added Sharpie China Marker
circles around everything. Leaving the eyes without circles.
the circles were added I didn’t like the brain. I wanted add some
yellow to the orange of the page, so I brushed a wash of light cad
yellow over the top of the circles. The china marker resisted the
watercolor and allowed the color to pool in some places. I really like
the look.
The finished image is 5×7 inches and is available matted and ready for framing on etsy here.

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