12 of 30 in June

entry started a little different than most of the pages in this series.
I wanted to break things up a bit so I headed to flickr, specifically
the Florida State Archives to search for an image to draw from. They
usually have some nice portraits. I found this guy.

Ringling Brothers Circus art director Peter Arno: Sarasota, Florida

grabbed my sketchbook and pentel pocket brush pens; one loaded with J
Herbin gris nuage
and the other with platinum carbon ink and started to
draw. I used the gray ink first and found the areas of shadow. After I’d
done that I grabbed my black PPBP and started to load in the details.


After I finished the quick drawing, I added some red watercolor to the background.

I wanted to add a touch more detail, so I grabbed my Platinum Carbon
pen and added a few dots and lines here and there to complete the

The finished image is 5×7 inches and is available matted and ready for framing on etsy here.

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