Study Break

I've started to start and end my day with a modified mandala type of image. I start with a center of one of my automatic drawings and build out from it in a somewhat circular pattern. I do not attempt to create anything perfect. Occasionally I'll break out of the circle with shapes. I draw these with an inexpensive but water-resistant pen, usually a Zebra Sarasa or Uniball Signo in 0.7 and black ink. After I finish the drawing and pattern making I work back into the image with watercolor crayons and watercolor.

While I start with a core of my automatic drawings these are different in that I don't add to them in the same way. Rather I work in patterns around the central image.

Anyway, here's part of last night's closer, before I added water.

And one from my train ride home a couple nights ago. If you draw something like this, none of the high falutin' business people will want to sit with you. So on a very crowded train you can end up sitting alone, which is a luxury. Color was added when I arrived home.

And I'll have to write about the particular watercolor crayons I'm using, they aren't Caran D'Ache, but I'm very happy with them. That's a tease right there.