Last winter I picked up three 5×5 inch wooden frames with cute 2.5×2.5 inch openings at Michael's. I had planned on decorating them, filling them, then loading them to Etsy. Well life happened and I didn't manage to finish them. I'm working on that now. IMAG1315This past weekend I picked up a few more, larger frames, on a total whim. These measure 6×8 inches with a  5.5×3.5 inch window. IMAG1314I started each of the frames by applying antique paper with matte medium. Each piece of paper was crumpled, crinkled and torn to size. the paper was pulled from antique (but worthless) books or magazines. I snagged a copy of the "American Journal of Physics" from 1970 a week ago. I have had a copy of a German travel journal from the early 1900s. The paper is so interesting. Layers of it was built up to create texture. IMAG1318After the paper was dried I began to add layers of paint. The large frames were covered with warm colors- yellow, orange and red. I brushed the paint on and then scraped it around. again creating texture. In some cases removing the color entirely to allow the paper's texture to show. I then added layers of glaze. The small frames were roughly painted with shades of blue. IMAG1317I used some of my crapcut stencils (my own designs). through these stencils I scraped colored modeling paste.  I scraped on another shade of blue and teal. on the small frames I decided to make some colors pop so I mixed up a magenta modeling paste and scraped that through a stencil. IMAG1316I'm really digging how the colors play off each other and the stencils and modeling paste add a layer of texture. They feel so cool. IMAG1313I've decided that I'll fill each one with a black and white automatic drawing. I've made 2 of the smaller images and I can'twait to work on the 3 larger images. IMAG1322
Anyway, i'll have them up on etsy soon.