Massive Fits of Procrastination

I've been very very productive this weekend, both on my paper and in making lots of art. Not all of it for my classes. At this point I'm fighting inspiration and getting ready for bed. I've got a little light reading… Well, sort of light.Okay, not light at all.

Anyway. I worked on this little 4×4 inch gallery wrapped canvas. I layered some antique magazing (American Journal of Physics 1970) and then did a little automatic drawing on it once it was dried. The gelmedium I used for it was Liquitex Matte gel. My Pentel Hybrid technica worked on it just fine. granted it is matte and not gloss but not a skip or nasty line at all. Keep in  mind I waited until the medium was absilutely dry. After the drawing I started to add in some color. I built up layers of color. The backgroun has a light teal paint with small plus signs all over it in light blue. They can only be seen whenm you are looking for them. Fun. Again I'm messing around with colors that jive with one another. the color interaction does not photograph well. IMAG1325
I finished the last of the 3 small pieces for the small frames I posted about yesterday. I'm really inspired by medieval art works. IMAG1321
IMAG1321I also did a little drawing and paint background on a book page. The school library gets rid of all kinds of neat and funny books. either they are damaged or not needed. This one wasn't worth anything but had some self help inspiration. So i'm working with that.

IMAG1333I forgot to also mention that I picked up a Fabriano journal with a 50% off coupon at Michael's. So far it's really nice, but we'll see what it's like once I start to abuse it. IMAG1309
Anyway, the art will be up on etsy in the next few days. I'll probably load them up Wednesday. Scratch that, they are all loaded up here.