Technique Tuesday: Contour Line Drawing

One of the best things I ever decided to do in my art journal was to devote myself to drawing. For about a year I devoted 20 to 30 minutes a night to drawing in my journal. I drew ewverything and anything from stacks of bottle caps to used tea bags to every piece of fresh fruit that came into the house. Sometimes in the 20 to 30 minutes I'd make 5 or 6 quick drawings othertimes I'd work on one. Anyway, contour line drawing does something in the brain (we aren't sure what yet) but it's been linked to all kinds of good things. (Check out Grandma Layton.) Take a moment when you are watching TV to go draw something. *

If you are having problems viewing the video here on my blog, click the title on the top left of the video and it will open in youtube.








After you have a contour line drawing what can you do? Well, you can use color and otne to add shading or think of new ways to create a contour line drawing, what if you made the drawing with a waterbrush filled with ink, or watersoluble pen and added water to it? Or a watercolor crayon? Or a colored pencil? How can you add a little contour line drawing to your art journaling practice?

Of course I can also suggest my drawing 101 class (currently free) on Art Journaling Ning.

*I'd suggest turning off the boobtube and just concentrating on the drawing, but that's me.