Technique Today: Drawing and Sketching

No joke, I love to draw in my art journal. Sketches, doodles, all sorts of neat stuff can go in there. But what to sketch, how to sketch? Hopefully, these videos will help give some guidance.

If you have an issue watching the videos here on my blog you can click the title of the video (top left of each video) and it will open up in youtube for you.



This is aimed at the sketchbook crowd but I think what he says is true.





You might notice that I'm not featuring any videos of what might be considered a typical art journal. this is on purpose. I think looking at new and different things is helpful and inspiring. Many of these style you may NEVER use in your journal, but the ideas you have seen will stick with you and you never know when that one small idea will pop into your head and show up int your art journal. The whole idea of Technique Today is to inspire you with new ideas and techniques that you can add to your art journal, to get a step away from the most popular techniques.