Technique Today: Water Soluble Crayons

Watersoluble crayons are a staple in any art journaler's toolbox. You can use them like a regular crayon or you can add water for fun effects. I think it's important for people to explore their tools, so I'm opening this series with JournalArtista's awesome couple of videos on Watercolor crayons. In these 2 videos she really shows you all about how they can be used, explores what they look like on a variety of surfaces, and really shows you have to explore your media. You should really test out all your supplies the Paula does in these 2 videos.

If you have issues viewing the videos here on my blog please click the title of the video on the upper left of the video and it will open up in YouTube for your viewing pleasure.


(More videos after the break, having all the videos load at once was making the page load slow.)