Future Reviews and the Summer of Pencils

I placed an order with JetPens and it contained 5 different types of pencils. Part of the order was my first full box of a Palomino Blackwings. The Pearl stole my heart and it’s the first Blackwing that I’ve wanted to write, draw, and doodle on everything. It’s an awesome pencil. I have a full review of that coming up soon.

I picked up the following:

  • Rhodia Pencil
  • MitsuBishi Hi-Uni in B and HB
  • MisuBishi Matured 9800 For General Writing HB
  • MitsuBishi NanoDia in B

All were nice. But one was meh and one is a  pencil I reach for over and over as I write, sketch, and doodle. The Group of Pencils