Review: Show Tell Baron Fig X Dribble LE Confidant

The Show and Tell (ST) is the latest limited edition Confidant from Baron Fig. It has all of the usual Baron fig goodness- sturdy stitched binding, nice tactile covers, a debossed logo on the front, and best of all it’s filled with that lovely Baron Fig paper. I love that warm cream colored paper with all my pens, inks and pencils. The ruling of this paper is different- the top half is blank and the bottom half is lined. The ruling is in a pale grey shade the perfectly accents the warm dusty purple of the cover. I quite like the combination. The ruling is pale enough that it retreats to the background of any writing- be it pale shades of blue, black or the silvery shades of graphite. The coloring of BF’s ruling always makes me happy. The half blank and lined pages are great for life and nature drawing. In my undergrad many many years ago, I had a class that required the use of a similar setup sketchbook. They were radically overpriced for a slim sketchbook with okay paper. The BFXDribble is around the same price as that sketchbook but with more pages and better paper. I can see myself working on some art journaling in this sketchbook. This would be a great journal for Speed Journaling or add a mandala or color swatches of the day. I see this as a great gift for the artist in your life.A great change which I feel is notable is that the page marker, which perfectly matches the cover, is long enough that I can grip it, and use it to open the journal. This is a vast improvement in the Confidant. I hope that BF makes this change in all of their upcoming Confidants.

I received this journal from Baron Fig free of charge for the purposes of this review. I did not receive any compensation otherwise. The words in this review are my own and I believe I gave this item a fair shake.