Review: Nock Co X One Star Leather Fodderstack XL

The leather version of the Fodderstack XL (LFXL) has all of the great attributes of the nylon version- it carries 1 or 2 pocket notebooks safely along with one or two pens. It can slide effortlessly into a back pocket or into a jacket pocket.

The form factor is a tad different than the nylon version. LEather after all is a different material that requires different handling. The LFXL is slightly wider than the original which means that it requires slightly wider pants. It also means that it won’t fit into smaller pockets, like those found in women’s pants. Le sigh. It does fit in  most of my shirt pockets. Not that I carry the LFXL in a shirt pocket, but if I did it is possible.

If you’ve used any of One Star LEather Goods products before you know that the leather they use is high quality and patinas to a deep dark caramel color. It is stunning. It’s gotten softer with use. The clips of my pens, pencils and the texture of denim has scarred up the exterior. The scars stay there too, even after I’ve polished and cleaned the leather. I like the look, it marks the LFXL as mine and only mine.

Overall the LFXL is a divine piece of leather work, perfect if you want to have a case that gets better with use and keeps your pocket notebook and PDC pen safe in your pocket. I love mine and use it daily.