Review: Sharpie 0.5 Roller

This pen has liquid ink and flows as such. Ink flow is good and the ink doesn’t seem to feather or cause issues on many papers. Which is an issue for roller ball pens. The liquid ink is not always well behaved.

This ink is smooth and flows well. It is smooth and feels good. I was able to use a highlighter over the ink without lift or feathering. 

The cap is solid matte balck while the body of the pen is semi translucent matte black plastic. Despite this you cannot see the ink inside so you cannot monitor your ink levels. The cap sports a sturdy metal clip that is springy and holds itself to whatever it’s been clipped to. The cap closes and opens with a satisfying snap. IT posts deeply and securely when it’s time to write.

Overall, I like this pen. It feels good in hand and it writes well. It’s comfortable and has a professional capped pen feel. I expected it to feel cheap, kind of like the original Sharpie pen felt a little cheaper than other pens in the same price range. I liked this pen for sketching as well. the ink flow was great, no skipping or blobs or even errant unevenness. I prefer the S Gel ink, but this is a good choice for liquid ink in a fine 0.5 tip.