Cyber Monday Deals on Thermal Instant Printing Cameras

I decided to talk a look at the ‘zon to see if any of the brands of thermal instant print cameras had any cyber Monday deals. A few did. Some of these are about $10 off. Others have a 20% off coupon. I’ve said it in my videos and I’ll write here again, when looking for these little cams, looks for sales and deals.

These are all cams I like and use.

Links are affiliate links to the ‘Zon. Bezos and his crew toss me a few coins out of the sale price if you purchase through the links. The price won’t be higher for you. I just get a few cents. (quite literally in most cases.)

These deals are listed for Cyber Monday 2023. Prices are current as of this posting.

This is a solid cam style- it’s modeled on an Instax but does the kid cam thermal instant print. Mine does a good thermal image and takes pretty clear shots that can be loaded to my computer.

At $32 it’s about 20% off the usual price. 

This is the only instax style with a silicone sleeve that I’ve found that is not pink or blue- but green. I have one of these in pink and another in blue. These are sturdy little cams and I let the kids at work use them. Hundreds of photos later and they still print clean and clear.

The green one is $32.

This particular camera only prints in the dot style and not a grayscale, it also prints more slowly than some of my other cameras. It is available in black, which is nice especially when I’m shooting in public. It doesn’t draw stares or double takes. It’s roughly $41 right now.

This cam takes nice shots that can be loaded to the computer and prints really well. Its got a cute jellyfish on it too. The 20% off coupon brings it to roughly $37.

The purple and yellow version of this cam is on a cyber monday sale of $32. The rest of the colors have a 20% off coupon. This cam is one of my favorites. It’s a very simple machine and takes decent pics and prints them reasonably well.