New Video on Thermal Instant Print Cameras

In this video I explore some of the cameras in my collection. I look at the different body types, different operating systems and how they print. I’ll be shooting another episode going deeper into print settings and why I like using them.

Here are links to all the cameras in the video, these are affiliate links.

Amazon affiliate links.

All prices listed are from the time I wrote/posted.

These two cameras are the same except one has a silicone case to protect it. The silicone case is in the shape of a pink unicorn.

Pink Unicorn (Instax style) Camera ($40): Another pink unicorn cam ($40)

Blue Plain (Instax style)  Camera ($39):

This is another pink unicorn camera, the print quality is somewhat better and it takes slightly better photos ($40):

Another pink unicorn cam:

 This case will fit all of the above cameras and 3 rolls of paper plus some pens and stuff:

This camera prints similarly to the 2nd pink unicorn but is purple and yellow in color and has a shape clearly inspired by old Polaroid cameras ($15):

Black Polaroid inspired camera ($40)

I do not recommend these:

This camera is yellow and orange and is also shaped like an old Polaroid. It prints out at 4:3 which I like, but when it saves the images it stretches them to 16:9, so the images are distorted. If, like me, you hope to use the images on your thermal printer this is a no go. This one also has a flippy lens for selfies. ($36):

Bulbous pink unicorn cam: This has the same issue as the one above.

Green dino cam: This uploads fine but has a forced wait before it will print.

This case fits the purple or orange cams plus a few rolls of paper and a cord:

This is the paper that I use. It’s cheap and is nice and glossy and has good contrast when printed on. It’s also thicker than some of the other papers I’ve used and doesn’t have a plastic core. ($14)

This is the paper I bought for work, it’s much thicker and very glossy.

Colored sticker paper I use.