Composition Book Round Up: Part 3 Walmart

I didn’t think I was going to make it into Walmart this year, and frankly I wish I hadn’t. That’s a whole other story. When I did finally make it to Wally World, well, it was nearly empty of school supplies. Generally this Walmart has a lot of stuff left over and has clearance shopping […]

Composition Book Round Up: Part 2 Staples

Staples has often had composition notebooks that were stellar for fountain pens at 50 cents each. In years past you looked for those marked “Made in Brasil.” This year I looked through the stacks and stacks of books and found only “Made in Egypt.” In keeping with my usual purchases I only bought college ruled. […]

Composition Book Round Up 2021: Part 1 Target

I gave myself some rules for composition book round up 2021- NO POLY Covers. I struggled with it in the last few round ups. I hate poly covers. With a comp book there is little need for them. The card covers survive in a bag and take a beating, and look great as they get […]

Composition Book Round Up: Walgreens

The local drug stores have been a bust. CVS only had wide ruled Caliber brand and nothing else in the Composition Book category save Moleskine giant Cahiers, which were tempting but VERY expensive.* Walgreens had meager offerings this season as well- not a single Mead book in sight, None of the cute Studio C books**. […]

Composition Book Round Up: Walmart

This year my local Walmart was less of a mess than usual. Their Back to School display was downright organized. Color me shocked, every year until now it’s been an awful mess. This year we have four Pen+Gear offerings and an Exceed; an added bonus is a “junior” sized composition book from Pen+Gear. Let’s start […]

Composition Book Round Up: Staples 2020

It’s been a few years since I did a proper round up of composition book reviews. I had a bunch of readers smash my Ko-Fi button and buy me a few coffees which means, REVIEWS. I have the best readers! Y’all rock. This year Staples has 4 standard offerings when it comes to composition books- […]

Composition Book Round Up: Target Part 3

In this section we’re going to examine all the Mead books I was able to find at my local Target. In the past Mead books have ranged from down right awful to amazing. When you venture into 5 Star territory the Mead comps are downright nice. The standard Mead offerings I’ve found outside of Back-to-School […]

Composition Book Round Up 2020: Target Part 2

Target had a lot of options for comp books this season. I left the store with 9. Some are old favorites and some are new brands. I’m dividing this round up into several parts because, well 9 books are a lot to write about. I will also include here that my “local” Target was a […]