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Wordy Weekender: Loving Kindness Week

The troll attack on the blog (and on others) and the eloquent rebutals spawned loving kindness week. A few kind souls got the ball rolling on a UStream-a-thon, art journal pages, and blog posts. The love was felt through out the Art Journaling world and something really special came of this week. As the week comes to an end and I've gotten more loving kind emails than I've gotten in a long time I'm amazed at the power of being loving and kind to our fellow human beings. I'm a little overwhelmed. A couple of people are sending me artwork, and I can tell you right now it will be framed and hung over my desk, a place of honor as I sit here daily.

Here are some links to those people who participated in Loving Kindness Week.



Magic Bartender

Tammy Ozuna

DeDe of Inkwell Studio




 Art Journey