Review: Quo Vadis Bookmark

This week’s review is a little different. I’m reviewing, drum roll please, a bookmark. Wait, don’t go away. I promise, it’s a special book mark, so special in fact that it’s simplicity made me over look it when I opened my box of goodies from Exaclair.


The Quo Vadis bookmark is a 5x 1.75 inch piece of cardstock coated in plastic with a brown and tan elastic loop attached. Non-descript and utilitarian in appearance as some of the best ideas are. The brown and tan is not pretty, a nice black elastic loop should be something they consider on their next run.

Simply you hold your place with the bookmark and loop the elastic around your journal to hold it shut. Ridiculously easy and remarkably efficient.



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You know how I said my miquelrius notebook was going to fall apart before I was finished with it? Way back here? Well it is, and I’m not even half finished. This bookmark holds it together, with ease. It also holds all the stuff that I’ve stuffed it within it. Nothing falls out. The elastic is remarkably secure, adapts to a variety of journal sizes and is cheap. You can get one here on* for $1.50. I’ll be ordering a bunch with my next order. Brian even did a little video on them here.

Seriously, if you are ordering ink or paper, add one of these little wonders to your cart, you’ll thank me later.

Read another review of them here.

*I know I recommend Goulet pens all the time, I swear I have no affiliation, but as of right now, they seem to be the only one who sells these.

I was sent a box of stuff from Exaclair for review, one of the items included was this bookmark. I did not receive any compensation for this review, just the freaking awesome bookmark.

  • When reading this, I thought, but why would I pay for a bit of elastic? Then I went to the other review and that lead to another one with a comment about a review on youtube. Here it is:

    Yeah, ok, it’s pretty cool. They just need to work on the colours.

  • the colors are god awful but the bookmark is amazing, so good.

  • I am thanking you now, Less. Thanx! (Since I am ordering a couple more Preppy’s anyway)………Cool!

  • PJ

    Thanks for being up front about how you got this product and that you weren’t being compensated, you just really like the product. I always know I can trust what you post. When I look at some other sites I often think, “Is the product really that good or am I just watching a sales pitch?” Awhile ago you were posting about ‘brand’. I thought at that time that your brand is honesty and integrity. I know that’s not what you were meaning but that is what I was thinking.

  • @Sharon heheh, Im telling you- its a GREAT BOOKMARK ridiculously simple and awesome. My next pen order will include 5 more of them.

  • Hey PJ. I strive to be honest in my reviews. I try to keep them positive but Im not going to hide something if I dont like it. I think a lot of people review stuff they really like and thus it comes off as a sales pitch. I think that my honest reviews work, Ive been contacted by 2 vendors to be sent product for review, the stuff from Exaclair is the first round of it and Im quite excited about it. I will always add to my reviews where I get the product, if I get it for free or if I pay.
    I thank you for the words on honesty and integrity, its something I strive for in my personal life as well as on the blog.