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The Scribble Project

These are fun little sheets you can print off and use as a prompt for your journal. They ask you to load it up to flickr when your done. Pretty cool I'm loving this website!

Totem Doodle

I found this website via the Doodler's Anonymous twitter. It's epically cool and makes you think of what you can draw in a small square. My high school art teacerh (Mrs. Friedman) had an exercise where you were asked to grid off a page in 1 inch squares, it had tobe precise, she checked it, then in each square you had to make marks, had to come up with as many different marks as possible. You scored better if your marks were all diddferent or you came up with ideas to make the grid work with itself. You could cross your lines (no crosshatching and no scribbles). It's a great exercise for a lot of different work. I feel li ke the totem project is a rift on that.

Whe I'm partilarly blocked I go back to this or a riff on it. Sometimes I draw equal sized circles on a page in my journal and fill them in with marks or faces. I"ve also folded a sheet of paper into equal sized yet small sections and done the grid exercise. I'm not as militant about no scribbles or cross hatching, after all rules were made to be broken and the idea is to free myself to get out of the rut.

try making a few 2 inch squares in your journal, go ahead now fill them in…

Cordebra’s Handmade Journal

A little blurry but a nice little vid of a handmade journal filled with art. Love the Hedgehog binding and the finished journal. It’s quite nice.

More Moleskine Inspiration

Another moleskine brand sketchbook. I like this one too.

Moleskine Inspiration

Check out this cool Moleskine brand Japanese fold notebook. I particularly like the smoke treatment.

Hump Day Prompt: Ink Wash


Get 3 waterproof containers. In the first put 3 drops of ink, the next 5 and the last 8.
Add to each jar 1oz of filtered water. Mix well.

Start with the lightest shade and start an image.
Work your way through an image, adding darker darks until you work your way up to straight india ink.

Try a springy liner brush and a small mop.

Ink wash is fun and forgiving.

Inspiration Saturday: InkSmear Journal Process

A great journal process video by InkSmear on youtube. Chekc it out:

Hump Day Prompt: Crayon Resist by TimeWithTascha


This week's HD Prompt is from YouTube's TimeWithTascha

All about crayons and using them as a resist. It's short it's fast. Watch it.

Hump Day Prompt: Musically Inclined


What do you listen to when you create?
A 30g MP3 player full of your favorite tune on random?
Sat radio? NPR? The sounds around you?

Why do you listen to what you listen to?
What inspires you in your surround sound?

Hump Day Prompt: What’s Your Morning Routine?


How do you start your day? Think through it
Mine starts with hitting snooze once, grinding beans, brewing coffee and most mornings a shower, then a cup of coffee. Think it through; then journal it. Draw it. Paint it.