Binding Day

Today is going to be a binding day. I have that stack of covers that I made 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty sure that I can blow through it all today and shoot pictures. I also have pages for a larger kraft paper filled sketchbook. I’m not sure if that will happen today or not. At the very least I’ll be making the covers for it. Though it’s not a far step that if I were able to get that done, that I could get the book itself done, as I have all the pages cut, gathered and folded; ready to bind.

I’ve got a few household things to do to, but for the most part I can really concentrate on the books today. Very exciting.

The pink leather is on its way to me, or rather will be on Monday, no one can ship on a Sunday! An interesting tidbit is that I found another leather vendor, while the auctions don’t start as cheap as Brad’s and we’ll see how fast the shipping and how the quality is on these hides. The thing is there are several colors that this new person carries that Brad doesn’t have like baby blue and bubblegum pink.