Well, i must say that I’ve been remiss in my studio blog duties this past week! You’ll have to accept my apologizes, I’ve had a few issues at the DayJob that required nme to work a total of 7 days this week. Yeah 7 days, it stinks but it had to be done. Firgive me. When I wasn’t working at the DayJob I was hurriedly finishing a custom order for 10 nearly identical journals to ship today. I finished them by the skin of my teath and the hair on my chiney chin chin (we won’t talk about it) luckily it’s all done now.

I’ll post pictures of them later, it’s a pretty impressive lot when you look at them all together, a b ig fat stack of small journals.

That all being said and done, I’ve got 6 auctions on eBay ending today! Most of the bids are ridiculously low! So check them out here–>crazy lowq priced journals on ebay! These austion include 2 watercolor journals, a large sized journal and a couple of pocket sized journals. Check them out!

PIctures later I promise! (okay so maybe tomorrow!)