ON a golden roll

I started to stitch this journal last night with about a half hour before bedtime, ofcourse I chose the one journal in my stack that has a sewing that will take more than an hour. I could have just used the black thread and saved myself the time of the double sewing but I can’t resist the diffculty that the double sewing requires. It’s simpl and effective for a fat thick sewing that sinks into the leather, especially this thick leather. have I mentioned that I’m in love with this leather. It’s so damn soft I can’t believe it. It’s absolutely amazing. It’s the deer hide. I then turned around and adhered it to the mango paper, which just added an even heavier texture to the cover. You can’t see it but he cover is realy very thick.

With the cover being delectable I added my favorite paper as the pages. I’ve got about 250 sheets of this paper left and I’m hoarding it. It’s foxrivers natural confetti, 25% cotton, 24lb, acid free and in my book an incredible writing paper, it rival strathmores 25% cotton renewal paper. It’s thick, stiff and a delight to write upon with pencil, roller ball, or *sigh* my pelikan fountain pen.

So i used my #18 mislabeled as #12 thread to sewin it, in warm brown, it works muchbetter with the golden shade of the leather than black, which while it can be nice can seem harsh. I did a simple long stitch pattern but linked the center section. It’s simpl and lets the double stitching show itself off.

I had a hard time parting with this one for etsy, but it’s up there and ready! Link following the pictures.

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