Single Signature Books, 1 month of Journaling

The first book most binders are ever
shown is the simple pamphlet binding. Its fast easy and can be made
pretty. There are 2 variations that I'm fond of, the 3 hole and the
figure 8. Each is exactly what it sounds like, the name does not

Here are some links to good references
on these bindings:

The stuffy Stanford treatise:

Hey Lucy's version of the traditional 3
hole Pamphlet stitch:

This a link to a hand out using the
hole stitch and a single sheet of paper folded.

TJBookArts has a great list of
tutorials, many are single signature, perfect for a months

Hey Lucy's instructions are the easiest and could be adapted to anything you want, but I like the Stanford, though stuffy,  it's shear amount of information and 2 signature options a the best for the art journaler.