Plastic Laminate with the Provocrap Cricut

picked up a few laminated signs from old sales at the DayJob. Of
course, I grabbed them out of the trash, well, sort of, they were on top
and clean. These are 1ml thick hot lamination material over card stock.
They are thick.

cricut did REALLY REALLY well with them, cut the plastic like it was
butter. I was surprised. The only issue I ran into is that I need the
deepcut housing. Even on 6 and the highest pressure setting I could not
cut all the way through the bottom layer of plastic even though I cut it
on a blade setting of 6, high pressure 4 times. It did score the bottom
layer enough that I was able to sort of pop it out.

it’s off to Amazon I go to buy a deep cut housing. Though I’m tempted
to see if I can just sand off the bottom of my current housing…

going to see if I can snag a bunch of these old signs, I know some of
them are much larger, 14×17! That might be cool to play around with… They also have some in lighter weight plastic… Probably the stuff they call 5mil (actually 1/2 ml thick) would be easily cut on the crapcut.

I’ve got too many ideas and not enough time.

Tomorrow I'll show you what i'm doing with these super simple stencils.