Review: Organics Studio Nitrogen

I was gifted a sample of this ink from a friend. I should have labeled the tube when it arrived but I thought I would be able to remember who sent it. I can’t remember which of my wonderful stationery friends sent this ink.

Organic Studio inks come in 55 ml bottle for $14. The inks are super saturated and several websites suggest that you can dilute the ink with distilled water 8 parts ink to 1 part water. The saturation leads to intense amounts of sheen. The base color of this ink is a warm shade of deep blue. It doesn’t lean purple. The sheen on this ink is red and intense. On the right paper the sheen shows up on nearly every line. It sheens on lesser paper.

Surprisingly, the ink is relatively well behaved even on most of the garbage paper I’ve used at work. Flow is great and the ink is lubricated. The nib skates across the page with this ink. If left uncapped and unused for any period of time it starts hard. Dry time is slow on good paper, roughly 10 or more seconds. On garbage paper dry time is slightly better at 10 seconds or less.

The ink is not even close to water resistant. In the droplet and wipe test the saturated ink smeared all over and lifted the ink that wasn’t dribbled on. The drip test revealed that all the ink had lifted and left behind a shadow of the initial lines. This ink would not survive a trip through the washer. It barely survives the drips. A large spill would leave your page blue and your writing gone.

I really like this color, the color is professional looking though the sheen might leave some folks scratching their heads and wondering if this is blue or red? It photocopies well enough. Price is low enough that it doesn’t seem silly to use this at work.

This ink was provided to me as a gift, free of charge, with no intent from the gift giver other than a hope that I would enjoy  the ink. Any links in the review are to vendors who sell this particular ink, they are not affiliate.