Composition Book Round Up Target Part 1: The New Kids

I’mma diatribe here. I love the idea of 100% post consumer waste paper. I’ve used many versions of it over the years, starting out with thick pulpy grey paper back in the 90s to a variety of printer papers. While the printer papers did a better job of it, none of the stuff I used in notebooks was good. Why in the last 20 years haven’t we figured out how to make a decent paper for notebooks if a company like Staples or Office depot can get their printer paper to work decently well with inkjet or liquid inks. And let’s be fair, not all printer paper that is recycled is the same, and a lot of that is trash too, but none of the recycled staples stuff is as bad as either of the recycled options we’ve been fed by the composition book companies this year.

I know that many of these books are not designed with the fountain pen or liquid ink user in mind, but with the thought that most kids will use a ballpoint or pencil, and that they will likely blow through the 70 to 100 pages in just a few months. If one of these companies thought about the fountain pen or serious pencil user and made a book that was smooth and good with fountain pens with the tooth for pencils with a decent recycled content, I suspect many buyers would be into that. /rant

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