Review: Pen+Gear Heavyweight Ruled Index Cards

This package of 100 cards cost a whole 78 cents. In the past the P+G regular cards were great with a whole variety of materials. How do these stack up? (ugggghhhhh) Surprisingly, or not, well.

Let’s start with the good. These cards are thick. They are card not thick paper! WOW. It’s been years since I’ve seen a real card index card.* The card is a nice bright wide. They respond really well to everything from pencil to fountain pen to gel ink. No feathering or bleed or show through, just solid performance. Oh before I forget, they are GREAT with pencil too, loads of tooth for HB leads to look good.

The worst part about these cards is that the ruling is a little bright and thick for my taste. 

At 78 cents for 100 of thick actual heavyweight cards? Deal. Sure you have to go to Walmart to partake but…

*Not really the Nock cards are real card.