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Amanda F’in Palmer

those of you who know me know I like Amanda Fucking Palmer. In fact I follow her on twitter, read her blog and yes listen to her music. She is crass, a brilliant musician and a lot of fun. Hence the reason I follow her. Would I attend one of her flash parties? Not likely, you wouldn't catch me dead surrounded by that many hipsters. Would I buy her used glass dildo? (oh great the spam bots will find me) Nah. Do I support  her right and insanely brilliant way of marketing and merchandising herself? Do I LOVE the way she leverages social media tools in an effort to make a living as an artist? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Why do I love these things about Amanda Fucking Palmer? Because she put it all out there. She says with confidence what I want to say: I'm an artist and if you like my work you WILL support me. I'll give you some stuff for free but for christ's sake help me out. I enrich your lives, throw me a bone. She puts the tip jar, hat and ukulele case on the curb in your face and is WAITING for you to stuff dollar bills in her panties after a great show. She does a lot without the help of the record labels. I'm willing to bet that  the labels would frown upon some of the shit she does, but she's selling her music. (I paid and downloaded it off Amazon, but would download her next CD off her website if offered.)

And for that more than anything else I love her. 

Read her blog post here.