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Fauxdori Traveler’s Notebook System, Fiscally Responsible?

A classmate took note of my fauxdori a week or so ago in class. After some discussion, she brought up something that I’m really surprised I didn’t think of, or consider about these things, she asked me if I saved money with the fauxdori over new notebooks/journals/sketchbooks. I had never thought of it that way.

I considered my sketching and journaling method previous to using the fauxdori. I either made or bought a Moleskine pocket sized sketchbook. These have 60 pages and around here cost about $10. As for written journaling I usually did that within the moleskine or in a separate moleskine Volant ($4.50 each) or Cahier ($3.30). * The Volant has 56 pages and the cahier 64. My daily carry cost was between $12 to $15.

 My current sketchbooks are BanditApple Carnet (BAC) PeeWee. These have 64 pages each. These cost between $3- $3.50 each depending on where I purchase them. For writing I use a Field Notes book and these run about $3.30 each. So I’m spending about $7 on inserts. Clearly there is a savings in just one bundle of inserts. fauxdori

My current rate for filling a BAC is 1 a month. Considering that they have a few more pages than a Moleskine Sketchbook. I’m already saving. If I were purchasing one Moleskine or HB a month  I’d be spending $120 to $144 on sketchbooks alone in a year. I’m filling a Field Notes every 16 to 20 days, depending on to do lists, journaling, and assorted school type stuff. A Field Notes is only 48 pages compared to the volant’s 56 or the cahier’s 64. that being said I always had issues with the last pages of my cahiers falling out and the spine of the my volants tearing and needing repair. I’ve yet to damage a Field Notes to that degree. Part of that is I’m not carrying them around outside of a cover but also, they spend less time in my pocket due to the fewer pages. I’d call this aspect even.

The answer to my classmate’s question of a fauxdori being fiscally responsible is, yes, it is. I save about $80 by not buying a moleskine/handbook every month. I also save myself a lot of aggravation. The cover allows the books to really be treated quite roughly. I’m able to carry both books in my back pocket, sit on them and generally abuse them more than I would be able to otherwise. So I’m saved from gluing up spines, falling out pages, and other nuisances.

It’s probably humorous that I turn around and spend that saved scratch on other things, like sketching pencils and pens… Right?

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Amanda F’in Palmer

those of you who know me know I like Amanda Fucking Palmer. In fact I follow her on twitter, read her blog and yes listen to her music. She is crass, a brilliant musician and a lot of fun. Hence the reason I follow her. Would I attend one of her flash parties? Not likely, you wouldn't catch me dead surrounded by that many hipsters. Would I buy her used glass dildo? (oh great the spam bots will find me) Nah. Do I support  her right and insanely brilliant way of marketing and merchandising herself? Do I LOVE the way she leverages social media tools in an effort to make a living as an artist? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Why do I love these things about Amanda Fucking Palmer? Because she put it all out there. She says with confidence what I want to say: I'm an artist and if you like my work you WILL support me. I'll give you some stuff for free but for christ's sake help me out. I enrich your lives, throw me a bone. She puts the tip jar, hat and ukulele case on the curb in your face and is WAITING for you to stuff dollar bills in her panties after a great show. She does a lot without the help of the record labels. I'm willing to bet that  the labels would frown upon some of the shit she does, but she's selling her music. (I paid and downloaded it off Amazon, but would download her next CD off her website if offered.)

And for that more than anything else I love her. 

Read her blog post here.