Moleskine Give Away Contest

About a month ago I was contacted by Chronicle Books about hosting a give away on my blog of products from the new Moleskine line of products. Unable to say NO to anything free, I accepted. I expected a small amount of products, one or 2 sets of books. Instead I received, via Fedex, a large box. In it were several colors and sets of the 5×8 Volants, a set of the pocket sized volants, a desk calendar and the hottest thing in there, several Color A Month Planners.

To enter: Comment on this post. I'll then use a random number generator to pick 3 winners. No one word comments. Say something relevant and interesting. One word and irrelevant comments will be disqualified. I want a lot of comments, tweet this post, facebook this post and help spread the word. Contest ends December 6th. Numbers pulled December 7th. Moleskine shipped December 8th. Please 1 comment per person.

The prizes:

3rd 1) 5×8 Lined Reporter Notebooks

    1) 3.5 X5.5 plain page Volant set in blue

2md 1)5×8 Plain Volant set in blue

        1) Color-A-Month Planner for 2010

1st 1) 5X8 Plain paper Volant set in red

     1) Color-a-Month Planner for 2010

     1) 2010 Desk Calendar

They said I'm under no obligation to review them, but I am.

Color-A-Month (referred to from here on out as CAM) I'm a fan of the
volant so a boxed set of Volant notebooks, one for each month is
awesome to me. Lots of creamy writing paper, perfect for planning out
all the stuff going on in one's life, one month at a time. The box is
more of a fixed back and a hinged top with an elastic. It looks like a
super thick Moleskine from the back, turn it around and you see the
spines of all 12 books. I like it and I can't wait to use them. Thumbs

Desk Calender. It's pretty cool. It's all black with an elastic,
with pull off days. Lots of room for writing in appointments and other
stuff. Same creamy moleskine paper as all the other notebooks, but in
single sheet form. There is a pocket on the front "cover" for storing the old pages. I like it.

Large Sized volants. I didn't open a package of these but I love volants so I can't imagine I WOULDN'T like these.
these come in all sorts of fun colors now. Does anyone remember when
they only came in black and then they discontinued them? Yeah me too.
I'm glad they are back. 

I'll get some more in depth reviewing and pics up here later, but for now, onto the good stuff.

Heads up for international folks- I want you to enter too, but I can only afford shipping stateside. If your interested in playing to and are willing to pay for shipping, possibly $12- $20 USD, depending on your location, for about $60 in goods depending on the prize, please play along.

Also I'm going to keep my replies to one mass reply each day so I'm not adding a lot of additional comments.

140 thoughts on “Moleskine Give Away Contest

  1. Beverley

    Hehe, how about if I say one word over and over, can that get me disqualified, piddle, piddle, piddle,piddle….. Joking aside this is great that you are doing this. You have a wonderful blog, with an excellent personality and sense of humour (on your list yet LOL?) Actually I am only playing around as I live in the UK so too far away to realistically post things without applying for a mortgage. I do love Moleskines though, and am a recent convert to them. I just started a sketch one, and the paper is to die for. (don’t get too excited about my blog I desperately need to update it,its been a month!)

  2. DrRuss

    I have never owned a moleskin so it would be exciting to receive a prize for reading your most informative blog. Your blog is important on so many different levels becuase it inspires people to art journal with abandon. Your guidelines for creating art journals and your product recommendations and reviews have same me a whole lot of money. Since you are so generous with your time, I have been able to wait to see a product reviewed before buying it. Thanks to you, I have gotten out of a bad habit of buying it first and then creating with it (maybe) later. I no longer have unopened product lying around waiting to be used. I now create with what I have.

  3. Poetic Dreams

    Would LOVE to enter this contest! Who couldn’t use some new moleskine products? I know I can’t resist! Plus the bonus would be getting it around Christmas time. Extra pressie under tree how cool. lol Please add me to the fun contest.I’m off to Twitter/OD/Blog/Ning this blog out to all I know. Big Hugs~

  4. metafrastria

    The CAM looks like an interesting addition, although I am a tad disappointed that Moleskine is moving away from its minimalistic design. But then it’s just me being conservative. πŸ™‚
    I saw the desk calendar in stores. It looks good, although I probably wouldn’t use it, as I live a very mobile lifestyle (thus, no permanent desk fixtures for me).
    The volants, however… I can feel my mouth watering even now! πŸ™‚

  5. Corrie Shandy

    POE sent me! I ‘ve never had a moleskin journal. they sound awesome.

  6. rachel friedman

    Wow, what an amazing load of materials to be sent! I wish someone would decide to send me a bunch of goodies πŸ˜‰ wink wink πŸ˜‰ I need to get back into the world of bookarts and buckle down and start creating. There are so many branches down the tree of life, and I’m afraid I’ve gone to high up to come back down to my bookarts branch. Only time will tell, eh?

  7. Cheri (pinkcupcakearts)

    LOL I found your blog a couple of weeks ago by literally stumbling across it. And I think that it is BEYOND cool that they actually contacted you to do something like this. Having never even seen a Moleskin anything in real life (where the heck does everyone find them ‘cuz I ask people and they look at me like I have grown a second head out the middle of my back or something) I have no idea whether I would like them or not. But I am willing to give it the Ol’ College Try πŸ˜‰ Hopefully, people will FLOCK to your blog and leave TONS of profound (or at least funny) things for you to read πŸ˜€

  8. Mandy

    How cool that they contacted you! I bought a Moleskine calendar for this year, and I really like it–it’s a monthly one, and there are many extra pages in it, especially in the back. My only criticism is that I think they should put another 2 extra pages in between each month as I like to make notes near a month, and I don’t like when the notes show through the page to the calendar page on the reverse side.

  9. Lorelei Campbell

    OOhhh! I’ve just discovered Moleskin journals on line but haven’t treated myself yet. Pick me! Pick me!

  10. Rhomany

    As someone a) unable to say no to free stuff and b) unable to say no to anything Moleskine, this is me making a comment of more than one word. πŸ™‚

  11. Susan

    WOOWOO! I want one! I would love a moleskine but I haven’t popped for one yet. As I am currently unemployed, I am trying to reign in my Barnes and Noble and Michael’s purchases! My current journal should run out by December so pick me! πŸ™‚

  12. newfry

    i usually make my own books, but i am really intrigued by the moleskines. they have such a following. the CAM sounds really intriguing. i can’t wait for pictures!

  13. Nancy Gill

    What a great give away. I guess some people would give them away, but I want to start doing some art journaling. Your work is inspiring.

  14. Kristyn S.

    Oh wow, don’t you just love Chronicle Books? I order from there all the time… so generous!
    Anyways, I know I’ve just started watching your vids on youtube (I love some of your techniques!), but I’ve been a long-time fan of moleskine. They’re the only notebooks I would trust for my art journaling. The color a month one looks fantastic!
    Best of luck everyone!

  15. BigBags

    I currently use one of these books as my ‘idea book.’ I write down all of my goals and business ideas. Love it. What a great giveaway!

  16. Zom Osborne

    I have only used the sketchbook Moleskines (for art journals) but I would love to try more of their stuff. It is quite expensive in Australia. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. apple

    That is awesome stuff to win!! Thanks for having a giveaway. I love Moleskine notebooks. I feel that they are too expensive for me to buy all the time, but every once and a while I will treat myself. πŸ™‚

  18. Andrea

    I’d love to be a part of this! Moleskines have always been in my bag wherever I go, and I’ve just filled my last one πŸ™‚
    -carmadillotanzen (on youtube)

  19. Ruby Claire

    WOOAAHH that is so much stuff man!
    I love moleskine!! That 2009 12 thingies just sound the dream man!!
    What an opportunity! πŸ™‚ Thanks!!
    P.S Do you take bribes? πŸ˜›

  20. Brad Jones

    I’ve never even heard of these moleskine’s, I found out about this site and the skins from a friends re-tweet, sounds very interesting!

  21. Judy

    Well I’ve never owned a real Moleskine but I’ve made plenty of knock offs. Might be fun to see what the real thing looks like.

  22. trish

    I’m so glad I decided to watch your videos (again) this evening!! This is a very generous giveaway, and I’d LOVE to win (along with everyone else;) Just wanted to say thank you for the giveaway, and thanks for all your work on the videos, love them!!!
    have a great evening

  23. Shalene

    Wow thats pretty neat how they sent you all those products!! I love your youtube channel……your blog is awesome as well! thank you =)
    Shalene from CA

  24. Sharon Bennett

    I would love to take a book binding class from you. I love to make journals, but have never really done too good of a job, and you are a natural when it comes to creating them. Thanx for posting Teesha’s video’s. Sharon

  25. wendy

    What a fabulous giveaway – thanks to you and to Chronicle Books for the generous offer! I’m currently on my first Moleskine sketchbook and am thrilled with it so far. Love the videos you’ve been posting on Youtube – terrific ideas and it’s so nice to have videos with great info and no b*s*.

  26. Mercedes Garcia

    I LOOOOOVE MOLESKINES……I must have a moleskine in my life, I need a moleskine in my life, I need a good english language teacher, too.Lots of kissotes from Spain (spaineskines,lol)

  27. leslie herger

    Hey everyone, thanks for the really great comments! I appreciate it! Keep tweeting about his, facebooking it and spreading the word! I appreciate it so much, plus it’s great tor read all the words of encouragement and “high-fives” about my videos and blogs. This is the sort of thing that motivates me to keep making more videos and keep the information flowing. You guys rock!

  28. CK

    How cool is this? For us Moleskine junkies out there, this is like winning the Powerball. Schweet….

  29. Linda

    My moleskin was the first journal I filled cover to cover. I loved it. I could use another….hint hint. πŸ™‚

  30. Avital

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I’ve tweeted and “facebooked” about it to spread the fabulous word out πŸ™‚
    I’ve found that there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than stashing a nice journal in just about every place you go to throughout the day – your desk, living room side desk, bedside table etc.
    A cool Moleskine would probably quad-ripple the inspiring effect πŸ™‚

  31. tam

    what a fabulously awesome give away! i would love to enter the contest! wow. xox tam

  32. Niki East

    I love your blog and read it religiously…also, I’m a list maker so having a Moleskine to keep those organized would be fanastic

  33. Pamela S. Keller

    Wow, the moleskin products look awesome. I’ve never had one, they are a bit out of my price range and so I tend to do all my art work on cheap card stock or canvas when I find a really cheap sale. I found your videos just this past week and am still watching to see the older ones. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing all the wonderful videos!

  34. Cynthia

    Suddenly I keep hearing mention of moleskin products everywhere. I never really knew what a moleskin journal or sketchbook was until recently. I suppose because my awareness is tuned to it, that may be why I even found this contest. I for one would love a moleskin. My journals are filling up quick- I mean QUICK. So this could potentially come in the nick of time. It’s amazing how things work like that. Thank you!

  35. Mindy

    I’ve really been enjoying your youtube videos! I never win these things, but I figure what the heck! It gives me an opportunity to let you know that I like your technique videos and to ask you to please keep them coming!

  36. Kari

    What an awesome giveaway! I love Moleskines and these new products look really nice. Thanks!

  37. Andi Fasimpaur

    How very cool that they sent you so much cool stuff, although I still think that your books are better… (more unique, handmade has more soul) Thanks, btw, for posting about NaNoJouMo (hope I didn’t bugger that too bad…) I started late and have been alternating days with my regular journal stuff but I’m enjoying working from the prompts.

  38. Mik

    The thought of receiving a large box full of Moleskine goodies would make me feel very excited, I can’t seem to get enough of them and always pick them up for whatever project comes to mind.
    Just finished up my main Moleskine and breaking out a new one to replace it right now.

  39. Lognote

    Wow! Lot of Moleskines! I hope to win one, because I’m a Moleskine fan, and ‘wanna be’ Moleskine artist. I admire people can paint on it and looks very easy, but when I try I can’t see my art… so continue with your videos and give us tricks!!!
    Hi from Spain!

  40. Matt

    Thanks for holding the contest! I might as well give it a shot before buying my own moleskine planner. =) Happy Christmas to all!
    Random generators for the win! =)

  41. Helen Easterbook

    As an utter Moleskine addict I’m oddly not convinced on the CAM. The chance to use and review it on the other hand πŸ™‚ To be honest the best bit there is the volants though, I use them for all my course notes to make sure they stay in one organised place.

  42. Elisa Cheung

    Great, I love giveaways. I’m using a red pocket Moleskine diary now. Love it!

  43. Marcus

    I am using Moleskine for many years now and I find new ways of using them all the time. The possibilites are endless. Right now I am experimenting with the 18 months planner and I like the format. There are still many other little moleskines still for me to discover.

  44. Gary

    Free is always good! Just discovered your site, and despite the reason I’m here, I’ve tagged your feed to follow you! Cool stuff.

  45. Amanda

    Wow, what a great offer! I bought my first Moleskines last year and now carry one sketch and one lined small notebook on either side of my wallet. Expanding my collection would be a blessing as it pushes me to be even more creative! Also: how lovely it is that you have a blog dedicated to book making. My friend is a book maker so I will be sending your link on to her.
    Good luck!

  46. Beth Billstrom

    This is great! I’ve used Moleskines for over 5 years and I love them. I typically use the sketchbook and watercolor books (all sizes, including the Folios), but I would have no problem expeanding my Moleskine habit across other Moleskine product lines! Thanks for sponsoring the contest!

  47. kells

    I’m a Moleskine addict. I’m writing my novel for this year’s NaNoWriMo in one!
    “Surrender to none the fire of your soul.”

  48. Lara Dickson

    Thanks for sharing your precious gifts! I especially love Moleskins in the winter – they keep my doodles warm πŸ™‚

  49. Jason Trull

    A pocket-sized, lined Moleskine was my first official journal and I loved using it. Since then, I have used other notebooks but many just lack the refinement of the Moleskine. I would love to give some of the new products a try and give Moleskine some reviews. Thanks for the opportunity! Nr

  50. Deidre

    Thank you for sharing your windfall! Anything but ordinary, an empty moleskine is an invitation to write, draw, create, inspire! It’s therapy secured by an elastic band…

  51. A Twitter User

    Paper is an enigma – a thing of beauty, an art form, an economic driver. I’m conflicted about it all the time, but use it all the time. Be well!
    Steve, Elmore, Vermont

  52. Jim

    Anything that encourages writing by hand is appreciated by me, and elegant, all the better. Thanks for the opportunity & your blog!

  53. David

    Well, I have a hard time passing on new Moleskine stuff when I see it in the store but the prospect of getting it for free? Count me in!

  54. Rick Paradiso

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your windfall. I have seven moleskins, two are in active use, five are in reserve. Can always use another.

  55. mark

    Well, I did name my writing blog “The Notebook” in homage to our favorite keepers of our thoughts…..

  56. Dave Barron

    You are so generous to offer these! Moleskins are perfect for jotting down my ideas before they float out of my head. Your blog. Thanks for the inspiration posts – makes me want to try my hand at bookbinding again…

  57. Anonymous

    That’s cool that they sent you all of those products for free. I enjoy reading your blog and and youtube channel! Thanks πŸ™‚

  58. Jason Trull

    A Moleskine pocket-sized, lined notebook was my first official journal. I have since used other journals due to cost but would love to give their new products a try. Thanks!

  59. Alia

    Something interesting. Earlier you posted some very cool Meeting Doodles. I used to get into trouble for doodling in meetings, back when I worked in Dilbertland, er, Corporate America. Business types seem to have no appreciation that you can listen and doodle, or that if you have a background in art, your doodles might look like something more than overlapping geometric shapes.
    Now that I’ve escaped from Dilbertland, I’m happily doodling and drawing without censure…but I could use more books to do it in! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

  60. Aaron

    Nice! I don’t have a desk though, so hopefully I don’t win #1!! Oh well if I do I’ll trade with #2 or #3!!

  61. Anonymous

    Moleskines=LOVE. Though the one I use the most frequently is my 18-month planner, and there’s less love and more work in it. Ooh, and the City Notebooks are fabulous. I bought one for MontrΓ©al and it was a plus. Looking forward to the new line of Moleskines!

  62. Michael W.Deaver

    This is very cool that you are doing this. I am a Moleskine user from way back. They are great for journaling, drawing, or for just plain list making.

  63. teejayhanton

    Free Moleskines? How can I NOT want to enter?
    I’m up to three moleskines at present. One for my “inbox” and “to do” lists, one for random stuff and ideas, and one for drawing in. Love these little notebooks!

  64. Sarah Chastain

    wow, what a cool contest! I love moleskine, and found out about this via the moleskine fan blog. πŸ™‚ very cool that you are giving stuff away!

  65. pam boatright

    piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle,piddle and piddle……I would love to win your moleskin items for my wonderful son-in-law that he would love to have..Hes a great dad and husband to my daughter. It would be a great Xmas gift for his great work… He is a crazy computer geek!!! I would love to surprise him with this gift…Have a super day and you must be great because my son-in-law is a fan of yours :).. A Happy Mother-in-law

  66. Josh Rotenberg

    I’m a Moleskine newb. After so much time spent trying out organizational apps for my Mac and my iPhone, web apps, this system and that, and failing to stick with any of them, I decided to just get a notebook and start writing stuff down. After a couple days of research, I read a lot about Moleskine and even more about how people are coming up with their own DIY ways of keeping track of whats important to them, be it mundane stuff like To Do lists, meetings, etc. to writing, drawing, and various other really cool creative outlets. I went with a simple hardcover pocket size square ruled Moleskine and a Pilot Gel pen. Since I started a few weeks ago, I’ve probably written down/todo’ed/noted/listed more stuff in that period than I’ve done altogether in at least a few years. It has been great, and somehow I look forward every day to the simple task of just …. manually writing stuff down.

  67. qphat

    I am a BIG fan of the Moleskine products!!! I am currently using a plain volant for taking down random notes, and a pocket sketch book for casual sketches. Would love to enter the contest so maybe I’ll get a chance to use the reporter notebooks and planners! Yay!!! Fingers crossed…
    And, of course, thank you so much for putting up this awesome blog!

  68. Tom Venanzio

    All I can say is that I love Molskines. I cannot get enough of them.

  69. Carmina

    I’ve never been artistic enough to go all out on my journals (then again, I’ve never really had an art journal per say) as the most I’ve ever done is paste in some things I thought were pretty and stuff I thought was important at the time (concert tickets, museum ticket stubs, things like that). I do like your rules about art journaling. I’m not really all that disciplined so I can’t say that I would be able to do even 5 minutes a day but it does make sense. Thanks for the tips!

  70. Gregory Christy

    What a great idea. You’re very generous. I enjoy using a Moleskine but the color – a month product sounds outstanding. I hope I win as I’ve just started a new job where I get to watch a lot of human interaction, both good and bad.

  71. RaeDean Tucker

    Oh, dear heavens, how I love Moleskine. I found them last year and purchased my first (and only) Moleskine thus far, a beautiful red hard cover pocket planner. I adore it. The file at the back, the texture of the paper, I just love it. Today I saw the Color a Month planner for the first time. If I had a firstborn, I would certainly consider trading them; if not permanently then for at least a few months, for those notebooks.
    Ah, to be filthy rich and have Moleskine to my eyebrows…

  72. Ronin

    I really love Moleskine notebooks and I’d like to give them as gifts to folks this Christmas! I own one and I’m almost finished filling it up. It’s a great notebook!

  73. Tripp

    Wow! What a great opportunity. I would complete most any task if it meant the chance at a free Moleskine! Thanks for putting the word out there and giving back to the cult/community of this notebook.

  74. Justin Smith

    Well word of mouth got around to me and here I am. I’ve just started reading your blog and have really enjoyed what I’m seeing. Thanks for the contest!

  75. Derrick

    I love love love Moleskines. I love how diverse the notebooks are becoming.

  76. Elissa

    The Color a Month series is very intriguing to me as I’m always looking for new ways to organize my planning. I’m currently using a lrg sqd notebook as a planner with 2 pgs dedicated to a monthly calendar (hand-drawn)followed by 4 pgs for my weekly to do lists. I work with children and am always looking for creative bookmaking ideas to do with them. Thanks for a great blog!

  77. Annette

    How neat to get such a big box! I love it when surprises like that show up – once, I even just sat it on the counter and waited (a whole 2 minutes) before opening it!
    Toss my name in the hat please!

  78. Meredith Hertzler

    Dude – this is awesome! A good friend of mine, who is an intense journal’er and photographer, told me about moleskins a few years back and I have been eying and craving them since then. I haven’t gotten one yet cause of the price comparison when I could afford two notebooks instead and keep saving up for college. They have been on my Christmas list though for a long time.
    Chronicle Books made a smart move contacted when they you!
    Oh, and by the by, the video on youtube showing your journal #5 is awesome! I love it!

  79. John Hubbard

    I’ll admit it, I’m a geek, and I use digital calendars, task lists, reminders, etc., and I sync my phone with my desktop computer so I have all this stuff everywhere. But, about five years ago, I accidentally picked up a Moleskine journal in a bookstore, and I’ve been using these addictive blank books ever since. I carry my Moleskine (I use a large, lined journal) everywhere I go and constantly enter things that range from diary-like entries to (bad) sketches of things I see, to comments on food, wine, beer, artwork…whatever. I find that re-reading my Moleskine entries from a while back sometimes inspires me to revisit an idea that got back-burnered but now seems worthwhile again. I can’t imagine getting the same satisfaction from a digital device.

  80. Eugene

    As stated, “FREE always catches our attention!” This is a really great Moleskine starter kit. Thanks for sharing.

  81. Lydia Velarde

    I would like to be entered in the giveaway. I found you yesterday on youtube and have enjoyed the few videos I have seen so far. Thanks for posting. Lydia..artyvelarde

  82. Luke

    This is pretty sweet. What a chance, I love Moleskins. I use them for both school and work. You’ve done a really nice review on the prizes. I’m really glad I got this chance.

  83. Becky

    I would love to receive a moleskin…anything!!!
    What would I write in it?
    Well maybe I would write about my current plans for what I want to do with the children for Christmas. I am into making memories. This Christmas I would like to make Christmas presents as a family for the family. We have just had a storm here on the Pacific Northwest and there has been plenty of treasures that have washed up from the sea. I would like to make a drift wood Christmas tree for starters…so on Sunday we went out and picked up the large pieces of driftwood. Then I was thinking about all the things I might be able to do with the smaller pieces of drift wood and so I got the children to go out and collect “body parts” for marionettes. It would be great fun to plan out a play and perform it on Christmas.
    Having a moleskin to write down the “next actions” would make this a Christmas to remember!!!

  84. Mark

    Really enjoy your you tube Channel.A tip for moleskine users or for that matter any book or journal, I use the sample perfume strips out of magazines as bookmarks and give your moleskine etc., a pleasant aroma upon opening.Love the blog.

  85. cowboy

    Being a Moleskine fan of a man,
    this is a prize I must try on for size.
    Though this post will lead to public humiliation and shame, Moleskine is my favorite name.
    As you can see, my writing is crap, and a set of Moleskines would give me some creative tools to tap.
    So, instead of a sad attempt at a comment I’m making, a prize I hope to be taking. As evidenced by this post, the most of my writing is to-dos, and that is something that I must bid ado.

  86. Mike Brun

    i fill my moleskines with the seedlings and early drafts of my poetry. yes, i realize that’s cliche, sorry – i also use moleskines for my daily planners, lists, journals, etc. perhaps after finding your blog i’ll start to learn how to make my own books! but anyway, i figured i could share an early poem draft with you and everyone else. here’s an attempt at a sonnet… personal hygiene is a fairly universal subject, no? thanks for reading if you do.
    on this morning, he wakes, like every – it’s an assumΓ¨d hope
    to make a purest carrier, a something of his life and self;
    and so, regardless of his current state of health
    he cowers to the shower and seeks to don some armor soap
    for the purpose of personal protections:
    at minimum it’s the deciduous bar to lather
    up his naked-ape appendages; by far he’d rather
    have his special suds than access to reflections
    in some foggy mirror. for the foam saves his hands
    from a microscopic passenger
    who might roam the fecundity of this lush land –
    perchance bloating into a fetid, caustic colossus inside
    this lithe-bodied, yet fragile-eyed messenger –
    he, who barely has the bath’s room to hide.

  87. jacky

    how cool for you to be channeling moleskins:-)
    i have followed your blog for awhile now…thank you for your hard work on this and your always creative postings!

  88. Sam Cohn

    Perhaps if I had a fun Moleskine in which to take notes, my inability to comprehend Aquinas wouldn’t send me running to my computer with the goal of procrastination.
    Sam Cohn

  89. Kimberly

    I love moleskines. I would love to win one. Your blog is great. πŸ™‚

  90. pam Wellman

    Awesome contest! and Poe sayed to say she sent me:) Isn’t she a sweetie:) I have never owned a moleskin, so please put my name in the hat….I am off to say write about your contest on my blog!

  91. Mark Griffin

    I am new to the world of “specialized notebooks,” but am so glad that I stumbled onto Moleskines. Over the last two years I have purchased about 6 of them and have filled the pages with all kinds of projects from journals to guitar chord chart collections to Chinese homework to a complete documentation of my school’s computer system for the new tech guy. I love it that they are sturdy and come in so many styles. I never thought there could be so much to a notebook! Looks like there are a lot of deserving people in the post who would like these free notebooks as much as I would. Good luck to everyone and thanks for offer!!

  92. eileen2000

    I originally came to your blog after following a link from cathy cullis’ blog and recognized your flikr name from a group (currently inactive) we both belonged to (lofibooktrade).
    Had to come see what you’re up to and glad I did. Of course, before I had even looked at the rest of the site I saw this Moleskin give-away and who in their right mind could resist that?!
    Now I am subscribed to your blog and have your store bookmarked for future gifts. Happy to have found you again.

  93. Lindsay

    Wow that’s so awesome. I happen to love free stuff as well. I just stumbled across your youtube channel and you have a lot of really informative and creative stuff. I’m excited to see more! I love moleskine so much it’s pretty much the bees knees ha ha.

  94. Michael Carnell

    Very cool contest, and I would love to take some of those off your hands. My current Moleskine is about 3 years old and in addition to running out of space is finally starting to show its age. Can decide if its replacement should be the smaller size or the larger. Only problem with the large is that it won’t fit in my pocket.
    Good luck with the contest and the blog, and of course, pick me! Pick me!

  95. Mark

    What a cool competition! I use two Moleskines – one lined for random notes, ideas and general scribblings – and the other blank – perfect for doodling and mad Venn diagrams! I’m in the UK and happy to pay for postage πŸ™‚

  96. leekrek

    Count me in I live in Canada and would be willing to pay the shipping if I win. Loving your videos and have a great time in Maine

  97. zaida

    Not a very lucky girl, but IΒ΄ve decided give it a try. Love your video tutorials!!!

  98. Janice Wood

    I have only used a couple of small pocket sized Moleskine books. Hubby couldn’t understand what all the fuss was over what to him was just a book. I asked him how he felt as a child starting the new school year with all those new exercise books waiting in his desk didn’t that get you head spinning ? “yes” he could remember that feeling of excitement. I told him holding a new Moleskine is that and so much more. Thanks for the giving us a chance to win one.

  99. Susan C Brown

    I’ve just started using Moleskines for project journals– a single place to keep ideas for a particular longish-term project. They’re portable, don’t take up much room wherever they’re stored, and generally are helping me keep my thoughts together. I’d love to win a new one!

  100. Lissa

    I usually journal in the 10 cents notebooks , and use the “children’s paper’ for art so this would definitely be an upgrade for me. Maybe a boost for my creativity as well. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  101. Jennifer

    I have to admit I first came across your blog after reading about this giveaway at Moleskinerie, but I’m really glad I took a look around. I’ve been really enjoying your posts on art journaling technique and inspiration, so thank you. πŸ™‚

  102. Julie Fordham

    I’m new to the Moleskine craze. But not to art journaling. I’ve kept an art journal since I was 15 – but I just recently realized that it was called that. And through a bit of research – I found the Moleskine sketchbook. I just tried my first one. (But I made the mistake of getting the ruled notebook instead of the sketchbook.) I used it anyway, and it’s held up surprisingly well to my torturous ways.
    I’m quite excited to see what the sjetchbook versions are like.
    Best of luck with your contest. I will definitely be spreading the word. <3

  103. Kevin

    So the color-a-month, are they printed monthly calendars in each volant, or are they blank notebooks that can be used as journals? Either way, it’s still a great concept in both packaging and product!

  104. John

    Very cool. I have only used the Picadilly brand of notebooks and these look very similar. May have to broaden my horizons and give them a try. Great job, thanks.

  105. Deb Leger

    Hi, just stumbled across your blog and am LOVING how you do your journals!! They’re beautiful! I’ve just read above about how you have a youtube channel – I’m going to explore that next, after more of your blog. Again, I love your journals and am going to try some. Thanks for sharing details and instructions. Deb in Canada

  106. david bogie

    I am in. That’s three words. Plus those, that’s six. Wait, now there are, like 14, 15 if you count the contraction as two.
    Linked in from moleskinerie.
    david boise ID

  107. Barb

    When I don’t make my own journals (or buy them from you! lol) I love Moleskines…they weather most anything and since I carry mine in my HUGE purse, that’s saying a lot. Love the CAM’s especially…they are too cool (and I love the colors!)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Les…you rock, as always!
    Peace & Love,
    Craft Therapy

  108. Karla Anderson

    I just found your you tube videos tonight and cannot wait til tomorrow so I can try some of the techniques you have demoed. I am just venturing into the art journal and altered book world and looking forward to learning all about it. Your blog and videos are fantastic. I really enjoy your down to earth easy going way that you teach, inform and inspire your followers. This will be a daily stop on my blog list for sure.
    I have not ever had a Moleskin, my cousin is a die are journaler and swears by them so I am excited to have a chance to win one. Thank you!!

  109. Chiakaivalya

    i just found your website via your giveaway, which I would love to join of course!!!! i only recently allowed myself to buy my first moleskine and am dying for more!!!! i really love your leather bound books too and would gladly place an order for one if i win the rest of the books :p (shipping to switzerland is almost the same price as 1 book!!!)
    also, thanks for your technique video links, i love watching artists in action. will be browsing your website in the next few days :))))

  110. Claire

    I’ve been getting into Moleskines recently – I have a set of the plain Volant sketchbooks that I’ll be using to journal next year. The Color a Month planner looks cool and I think I’m gonna get one too πŸ™‚

  111. Jennifer Carras

    Love watching you on YouTube and have been wanting to get my first moleskine..but winning it would be even better! Keep doin’ what your doin’!

  112. MaraSpires

    …and now i’m on your blog! iHope you don’t mind me following you all over the net…LOL…i’m going to add your blog to mine…i’m learning so much from you, iJust LOVE your approach to art journaling and i’m really inspired to explore the world of book binding!
    <3 mara

  113. Dean

    I just became interested in Moleskine sketchbooks. at present, am bidding on one. Contests are Cool!

  114. Sharon

    I’m glad I discovered Moleskines and I’m glad I found you too (thanks to I look forward to exploring your site and being entered in the contest to win my very favorite notebooks. Thanks for doing this!

  115. Sara

    This is a great giveaway. I actually have a Moleskine fan on my Christmas list and this would help out my holiday budget tremendously. Thank you for the chance!

  116. Karen

    I love the Moleskine calendar – that’s what I’m using this year. It’s helped me stay organized, and I’ve gotten compliments on it too. – Karen

  117. The Larch

    How many moles did you have to skin to make these> I’m calling PETA.


    What a brilliant contest, love that Chronicle was so generous to you, and now your readers get to reap the rewards. I make my own books, but mainly as sketchbooks and art journals. I still rely on manufactured journals to bump around in my purse or tote, so those Color a Month planners just seem delicious to me!

  119. Allyssa

    What wonderful items you have listed there. I just happened to start my twitter visits back up and saw your posting just a min ago. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  120. Shelliebeanie

    Moleskins are classic. Writing in them makes me feel connected to hundreds of creative people, past present and future. Inspiration

  121. shinsengumi

    Absolutely love Moleskines and have belatedly realized that I’ve been collecting special editions over the past few years. Bummer that the United Nations edition Moleskine seems to have been discontinued. A set of the new planners would be lovely to add to my stack — and timely to boot!

  122. Adam Weisblatt

    This is very cool. I don’t know what it is about moleskine. I usually don’t go for hype, but there is something comforting-romantic-mysterious and full of possibilities in these little books. Thanks for making them available

  123. Mandy Zhou

    I bought my first Moleskine today and became obsessed, so I did what people tend to do when they form a deep, sudden attachment to something – I Googled it and stumbled upon this.

  124. Kelly

    I came across your youtube postings and you have inspired me in so many ways. So thank you very much. I look forward to watching more of your videos and reading your blog!-kelly

  125. Jessica Doyle

    Well, I live in Canada so the shipping will be a little more but not too much as I’m your neighbor to the North πŸ˜‰ And I will pay the extra for shipping.
    I’d love to win the colour a month Moleskines! I’d draw and write in them every day!

  126. Laura Pugh

    Oh wow! I hope I’m not too late to enter the give away. I’m so happy to have found your blog. I got here through a link from a Facebook friend. I have just started making my own books but have wanted to do it for years. I look forward to exploring your blog some more!

  127. SheikYurbouti

    I didn’t even know about Art Journalling until we found each other on twitter. I love your blog, and learning about this fantastic hobby/craft/art thing has been awesome. Like, literally awe-inspiring.

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