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Drawing-a-Day: Weekly recap

I decided that after week 2's disasterous results of, well, not getting a lot done along with allergy attack I needed to regroup and rethink the drawing-a-day thing. (Traci was right when she said the upload was the longest part of it.) My initial decision to NOT tweet process pictures really threw me for a loop. Tweeting, facebooking and flickring process shots really makes my drawing time more interesting. Drawing is interesting with out the progress shots but… I like progress shots. So I'll be putting those back into my "process." I'm also taking the size requirement out.

Initially I focused on making the drawings in my Graf  it pad, which was all well and good, but for the fact that sometimes I want to draw on my lunch break and I don't take the graf it pad with me. Maybe I should just suck it up and BRING it with me. Instead I chose to change my "rules" to conform to how I actually work, and that is that the drawing-a-day can be in any format, ie in my webbie if I chose, or the graf it pad, or anything else.

So, there's that, and here are some of my drawings from this past week:


  • Ink mix0069
  • Ink mix0070
  • Ink mix0071
  • Ink mix0072
  • Ink mix0073
  • Ink mix0074
Ink mix0074


Drawing-a-Day: Smoking Kills

Ink mix0064

"Smoking Kills" measures A5 or 5.75×7.5 inches. I did a quick sketch with pencil and then used a couple of fountain pens filled with Noodler's Black, Nikita and Eternal Brown.

Cost is $25 USD, shipping to CONUS included.


A little story about this image. I don't smoke. Every piece of trash that is tossed onto my street blows into my yard. I have found parliment, kool and various other cigarette packages in my yard, along with a plethora of butts. I dutifully clean this shit up on my days off from work. I hate smoking. My grandfather died of lung cancer which was directly linked to his 3 pack a day smoking habit. I look at my having to clean up cigarette butts as some sort of evil eff you from the universe.

I also have to clean up styrofoam Dunkin Donuts cups, paper bags from McDonalds and Dunks, assorted lids from take away places. My neighbor's recycling tends to blow out of their recycling bins as they aren't secured. This all ends up in my yard in some weird wind vortex of recycling hell.

Drawing-a-Day: I Need that Color!

Ink mix0056

This is the 4-1-11 drawing titled “I Need that Color!” It measures A5 or 5.75×7.5 inches. I did a quick sketch with pencil and then used a Lamy Safari with a B nib filled with Noodler’s Black ink for the paint tubes and added the shading with a TWSBI M Nib and Private Reserve Electric DC Blue ink.

Cost is $25 USD, shipping to CONUS included.