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Hard Cover HEdgehog Journals with Handmade paper covers

So these 3 journals are hard cover hedgehogs, covers are bookboard covered in hand made papers of various origins. The tan journal is covered in Lama li paper, the gray journal is covered in this odd gray recycled paper I found in Maine at The Craft Barn- it'[s filled with all sorts of fibers and is buffered for longevity. THe final journal is covered in one of my favorite handmade papers- thick, soft and green fiber filled textural paper. I love this paper it was really pricey but I fell in love with it and had to have it. It got a great fabric like feel to it. I want to keep this journal…

They are listed on etsy here.

Here are the pics:




When I was making the book blocks I forgot to trim my paper to size, so when I finished the block they were all an inch too wide. I headed to my local Staples (the one with the crabby manager) and their print shop to get the blocks trimmed. When I asked the guy if he had a paper shear he at first said no, when I pointed to the electric shear right behind him and asked what is that then? He said oh you mean the electric trimmer? I then asked if that would trim the fore edge off my blocks, and he said he didn’t think it would cut through the stack. He then asked me if I needed the spine edge cut off. I re-explained what I wanted and he got it. He still didn’t think the machine would do it, but I inisted that he try, so he did and they came out pretty good. You can see where some one tried to cut through a staple or a paper clip  as the blade had several nicks in it, but the price I paid to have 6 blocks cut down to the needed 3.5 inches was well worth it.

I’m using the last 3 blocks to make some leather hedgies. I’ve got several buckskin hides that are nice and distressed.


I meant to post some pictures about my hard covered books,
showing the covers before attachment. So here ya go:


This picture above is of the covers finished but not attached to a book block.


This shows one of the covers "inside" before additional support is added to the spine. My favorite additional support is tyvek. But you could add a nice washi paper of any paper really and glue it in along the spine. Then glue in teh book block.

Book Board

I made a few covers book board and paper from my stash of decorative papers. I made them to specifically cover hedgehog book blocks. So each cover is 3.5×5.5 inches and the spine is .75 inches thick.

To go with these covers I made some paper covered hemp cored headbands. These are glue on style and you probably can’t see them in the pictures, but they are there. I used dark red/burgundy colored washi paper. I used it because it’s thin, glues easily and I knew would wrap around the hemp cord with ease. I also knew that once it was glued up it would become stiffer than it was before and even with that the washi would absorb glue easily as I stuck it to spines. I’ve seen several other methods of making end/head bands before with fabric, paper and one I particularly liked was one that uses ribbon.

I’m listing one of these to etsy, one to ebay and keeping one.





This one will go on eBay.


The one above is mine. 🙂



This is a shot of all the other covers that I’ve made. I"m pretty happy with how they came out now I need to make some more bookblocks. 🙂