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Jotters Loaded up to eBay

I just loaded this set of 6 jotters up to eBay. Each has 48 pages made of Wausau pastels 24lb paper in ivory color. The covers are made from advertising posters that are coated in vinyl. These posters advertised Easter dinners. The colors are pale yellow, pinks and some light green. Low starting bid and a low buy it now price. Made 100% by hand.


Jotter Notebooks up on eBay

Phew I’ve had a long day at the DayJob, But Sunday I listed
this item on eBay
. A combination of jotter notebooks with some sort of
advertising lettering on them, most are in lighter and brighter shades. Inside
they have 48 pages of 24lb Wausau acid free paper in Ivory. Each measures 3.5
inches wide by 5.5 inches high. These are just light weight enough to fit
perfectly in a back pocket and form fit to you.

I use one everyday. My day simply doesn’t run smoothly
without on. I use it to keep track of day to day activities like the grocery
lists, things I need to do at work as well as notes for blog entries and big ideas.