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State of the Weekend: An Everything Journal

I was given another glimpse into just how powerful art journaling can be last night. I had an idea for Put it on Paper, something that I had rolled around in my brain once before and pushed off as not possible and not a very good idea at the time, but I’d made note of it in my art journals, made some doodles and wrote it down.

I quickly flipped through the last 2 journals where I knew the info to be, tabbed those pages with a little Post it flag, and then used my iPoo Touch to snap some pics, shelved the books and took the info with me, in my pocket. I sketched out a quick idea in my art journal of what I thought this idea could look like and emailed it to Jane. As I relaxed into bed, I reviewed the pages on my iPoo and made some fresh notes and doodles about the content of the proposal.

How amazing is it that I can carry 4 journal’s worth of info in my pocket? I read somewhere that someone scanned their notebook pages into their computer and used a specific program to make them searchable. How cool is that?

If you have an art only journal consider carrying an everything art journal with you everywhere, it will prove itself to be indispensible in short order. (Check out a variety of pockete sized notebooks for this, or make your own pockeet noteboook using my tutorial here.)

8 New set of Jotters on Etsy

I just finished listing 8 new sets of jotters to etsy. Each has 6 jotter notebooks in the set. I have 3 different styles 100% recycled, Graph Paper and Wausau Ivory paper. Each se tis unique and one of a kind, as the covers are made from recycled materials- old advertising posters from a major retail establishment, cut up so that they no loner look like ads, just abstract designs. A few have letters and words on them, you’ll have to head over to etsy and see them.

Here are a few pics to tide you over:







Use of a notebook from the horse’s mouth

I occasionally get feedback from people who buy my books on how they like them, use them and things I could do better. I got one a few days ago from someone who buys my books on eBay and uses them as I do on a regular basis. Here’s what he had to say:

Leslie: I worked Saturday till
3AM, then tonight till midnight. A GREAT HELP was one of your jotter
notebooks. I was formulating a new *** ****** product our company
already has orders for. Moving between the lab and the warehouse,
applying the stuff, making observations and changes, and with all the
junk sitting around, it was impossible to use a full-size notebook to
write in. The jotter was perfect, and everything involving the new
chemical that arrived on Friday is in that little book–which would be
worth a pretty penny to a few people I know of.  — D

I love getting emails like that. First it tels me I’m doing something right with my books and tells me that I’m not the only one who uses my little notebooks regularly. OKay so I use it like I’m addicted to it, but I’m okay with that.

He’s using one of these:


But maybe in a different color.

Jotters Loaded up to eBay

I just loaded this set of 6 jotters up to eBay. Each has 48 pages made of Wausau pastels 24lb paper in ivory color. The covers are made from advertising posters that are coated in vinyl. These posters advertised Easter dinners. The colors are pale yellow, pinks and some light green. Low starting bid and a low buy it now price. Made 100% by hand.


Jotter Notebooks up on eBay

Phew I’ve had a long day at the DayJob, But Sunday I listed
this item on eBay
. A combination of jotter notebooks with some sort of
advertising lettering on them, most are in lighter and brighter shades. Inside
they have 48 pages of 24lb Wausau acid free paper in Ivory. Each measures 3.5
inches wide by 5.5 inches high. These are just light weight enough to fit
perfectly in a back pocket and form fit to you.

I use one everyday. My day simply doesn’t run smoothly
without on. I use it to keep track of day to day activities like the grocery
lists, things I need to do at work as well as notes for blog entries and big ideas.