Horizon & Everything Within

Horizon & Everything Within Originally uploaded by Original Bliss I love this page. Its very bright which is unusual for me to be attracted to but take a look at the center of the sun and the threads radiating out… Good stuff. Follow the flickr link to see a close up of the image.

Everything Ends Today

Everything I have up on eBay ends today. I’ll be loading a few more items up but not many! I’m keeping my eBay items limited. I’ll have the majority of my items up on etsy. This particular journal:I would sell as a custom order for around $125. It’s at a super low price right now. […]

New Things

I’ve written and rewritten this post a hundred times. Quite a long time ago I deleted twitter and facebook off my phone. I’ve slowly weaned myself off Facebook, without many regrets. I use marketplace to buy bikes and bike parts but mostly, I don’t interact. I do have this blog and my new iteration of […]

State of the Art: Talking Myself Out of Things

It’s not often you find me talking myself out of things, but here I am telling you I’ve talked myself out of a free photocopier. If you’re scratching your head right now, let me explain. I’ve wanted a photocopier for years. They are incredibly useful tools and when I was in college we had to […]

Make Art with Anything

I've ranted and raved about commercialism in art journaling before. (been under a rock or just discovering me now? Click here.) And I keep ranting about it. I've been gathering videos for technique today over the last few days. (It gives me a nice 20 minute or so break from reading heavy stuff.) It's becoming […]

A Little More on this Self Doubt Thing

A little more on this self-doubt thing. I could trace it back and say that it’s because of this “big thing” i have dangling over my head, or I could trace it origins back to my Chipin campaign. It went well. I was way behind schedule due to a death in my family but it […]