Little things

Sometimes it's the little things in life that take your breath away. I got home from work today fully intending to spend another 3 hours working from home. I noticed on my way in that some of the peaches on my tree were ripe. I dealt with the big stuff first, letting the dogs out, […]

Rule #6 Look for Inpiration Everywhere

Seriously, everywhere. Look at your morning coffee, your egg mcmuffin, the trash on the ground, dirty dishes, your pen/pencil/brush, your hand, alarm clock, lamp,air conditioner, car/truck, train, train pass, dollar bill, debit card, credit card, the internet, the TV, cat, ferret, dog, a tree,a park, a movie, your family, homeless dude sitting next to you […]

#4 Do a little every day

Even if all you do is go through your journal and randomly color pages, or doodle borders or even just scribble do something related to art every day. It can take 5 to 10 minutes but you should do something everyday. It's part of the process. Process is the most important part of art journaling. […]

Signs signs signs everywhere is signs

These pictures are an example of the recycled journals that I made with old vinyl signs and vinyl coated paper signs. The cover is vinyl and the pockets inside are the coated paper signs. The pockets formed by sewing the coated paper signs stiffen the covers a lot which is needed since the vinyl is […]


I’ve been asked about my paper trimmer jig. It’s a pretty simple piece. I have plans to further adapt it but that will have to wait.I use a fiskars table top rotary cutter. I like rotary blades because they don’t pull and they cut in exactly the same place each time. If I over load […]

not every day can have a gold star

Everyday can’t be a perfect day. I came home from work today and pretty much crashed all I was able to do was cook, eat and fall asleep. The fact that I’m updating is pretty motivated for me right now. That being said I did drive to ACMoore and purchase linen thread in black and […]

Keeping a Notebook PERFECTLY

There is no way to keep a notebook that is perfect for every person. There is only the perfect way for each person. That is to say, keeping a notebook is highly personalized. My method of a pocket notebook and 3×5 cards alongside a sketchbook (currently also functioning as my ETEW Journal) and a separate […]

Week Links

Lisa led me down the rabbit hole of Raul Pacheco-Vega, Phd. website and his version of the Every Thing Every Where journal which he calls his Everything Journal. His notetaking methods and interaction with materials is NEXT level. Here’s a link to his Everything Journal. He goes deep on the differences between bullet journals and […]