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Etsy Update 6-24-2008

Just a quick update about my etsy shop.
I've got loads of items up there though I've not been posting about them.

You can find the following there:
9 sets of Jotter notebooks
5 hedgehog or moleskine style journals
11 various styles of recycled journals
1 large leather journal
2 art supply rolls
1 sewing cradle
 See everything here!

Mini Hedgehog Notebook, really mini

A comment was made about mini books and I’ve made them in the past, so I thought I’d make a few more. These measure 1×1 inch and about 1/4 inch thick. The stitching is smythe or hedgehog/moleskine style. Working in this size was not compatible with my full sized tools, so I made a few mini tools- including a sewing cradle an an awl. For folds and scoring I might have to look into making some sort of folder.






Big Leather Journals


This week I finished 5 more journals. 4 are going up to my etsy account and one is going to eBay. All are smythe sewn- the style of moleskines. So I start with the book block, stitch it, then glue it and clamp it. Then that book block is glued into a cover.

For these I decided to make covers with flaps and straps instead of elastics. I thought it would be a nice deviation from what I’ve been doing. I’m particularly fond of the distressed brown leather. I like to call the color Choco-Latte, because it’s the color of coffee or milk chocolate.

The 4 below are the books on etsy. They are on there for $24.99 plus shipping via priority mail.