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Mini Moleskine

So this little beauty is a miniature moleskine. It’s stitched with hand waxed cotton thread. The spine was clamped and glued by hand with acid free flexible glue. The cover is a vinyl plastic coating just like a real moleskine. Inside are 32 pages of cream colored heavy paper. The bookmark is naturally colored hemp and in the back is a pocket. Holding the whole thing shut is an elastic.






recap of this week in the studio

Phew it’s been a busy week here at Comfortable Shoes Studio. I’ve been crazily busy with the DayJob as well as in the studio. Yup, fresh new books. I’ve got a stack of graph paper jotters, a group of cardstock hedgehogs, a couple of kraft paper hedgehogs and a 100% cotton hedgehog all headed for etsy.

I’ll post links to etsy when I get them loaded up. I’m pretty excited to get some leather books back up to etsy, it’s been awhile and the recycled notebooks seemed to be taking over my shop. While I was in the studio I cut several large notebook sized covers from this chunk of sleek black cowhide I’ve got, they will be fantastic with either white or red stitching…. Keep an eye out for those too. I’m going to work on designing the spines today.

Here are some pics to occupy you until then:


Yes, that is graph paper


Jotter Notebooks up on eBay

Phew I’ve had a long day at the DayJob, But Sunday I listed
this item on eBay
. A combination of jotter notebooks with some sort of
advertising lettering on them, most are in lighter and brighter shades. Inside
they have 48 pages of 24lb Wausau acid free paper in Ivory. Each measures 3.5
inches wide by 5.5 inches high. These are just light weight enough to fit
perfectly in a back pocket and form fit to you.

I use one everyday. My day simply doesn’t run smoothly
without on. I use it to keep track of day to day activities like the grocery
lists, things I need to do at work as well as notes for blog entries and big ideas.